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Goetze pistons


Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited


Piston Rings

Goetze piston rings of OEMs and Aftermarket in India has state-of-the-art design facilities for products, tooling with CAD/PRO-E/GLIDE SOFT and test bed facilities.


Federal-Mogul Goetze India is dedicated to developing new technologies and continuously improving its products.

Production Capacity: 55 million rings per annum
Product Range: 30mm to 300mm diameter

Goetze manufactures a wide range of piston rings for:
  • Bi-wheelers
  • Tractors
  • Passenger cars & SUVs
  • Commercial vehicles (HCVs, MCVs & LCVs)
  • Locomotive engines
  • Stationary engines
  • Industrial


Tx Type Expander & Cr Plated Rails

Ring Material
Material Designation Material Specification Min. Bending Strength N/ mm2 Modulus of Elasticity
 N/ mm2
Material Type
Std. K1 350 85000-11500 Non heated grey cast iron
GOE - 13 K25 420 95000-12500 Heat treated grey cast iron
IKA K4 500 100000 - 130000 Heat treated grey cast iron
KV1 K9 1300 150000 Spheroidal Graphite iron
KV4 K22 1300 150000
F14 K11 650 130000 - 160000 Carbidic cast iron
STEEL KS3 1850 210000 Tempered Martensite

Chrome Plated Ring

Coating On Running Surface
  • Chrome ceramic plated rings (CKS)
  • Molybdenum coated rings
  • Plasma filled rings
  • Semi-inlaid rings
  • Ferrox filled rings
  • Chrome plated rings

  • Thin rings made from SG iron
  • Asymmetric profile rings
  • Specially honed chrome rings
  • Lower sharp edge rings
  • Reverse torsion rings
  • Conformable chrome oil rings
  • Keystone
  • Napier
  • Nitriding
  • Drilled hole oil ring
  • Interrupted cut
  • Narrow land

I-Ring with Cr plated Periphery