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Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Limited


Sintered Metal Products

Federal-Mogul Goetze India Limited (Sintered Products Division), produces a wide range of sintered metal products for a variety of engines and automotive applications such as valve trains, transmission, lubrication pumps and other engine/structural parts with technical assistance from Federal-Mogul Corp. manufacturing facilities and technical centers in the U.K., France and USA.

Federal-Mogul Goetze India Limited (Sintered Product Division) supplies many O.E.Ms in India and abroad.

Valve Train Parts

Valve seat inserts and valve guides are a special category of sintered components for new generation engines.
Goetze India limited (Sintered Product Division) uses the latest technology and processes from Federal-Mogul sintered products along with specially sourced powders to produce world-class valve train parts.   


Transmission Parts

Sintered synchronizer hubs offer an attractive cost-effective alternative to conventional hubs and, at the same time, meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of automotive designers, including various complicated configurations. GIL (Sintered Products Division) uses the expertise of Federal-Mogul's sintered products to produce these complicated parts in India.


Lubrication Pump Parts

Sintered oil pump rotor and gears are among the widest used sintered applications in the automotive industry. Goetze India Limited (Sintered Products Division) and the international expertise of Federal-Mogul work together to design ge-rotor and manufacture oil pump rotors.   


Other Engine / Structural Parts

GIL produces a wide variety of other structural parts, such as timing pulleys, gears, thrust plates and many other parts for automobile engines and other applications.